Wednesday, September 23, 2020

 Seven Tottering Pillars
Why the Coming Marxist “Color  Revolution” Will Fail in America

Over the past two decades, a series of so-called “Color Revolutions” have been organized to overthrow and collapse Eastern European governments such as Ukraine (“Orange”) and Georgia (“Rose”).  President Obama’s former ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, formulated “7 Pillars of Color Revolution,” a list of seven preconditions needed in order to incite the type of revolution necessary to remove leaders. For some deluded reason, McFaul and others in the Bipartisan Transition Integrity Project (which is none of those things, except maybe a “project”) have convinced themselves that these revolutionary tactics will work on Americans. This indicates the level of either desperation (all their other options have failed to unseat Trump) or insanity (they think Americans are ignorant sheep easily persuaded to clump individuals into simplistic categories of race or income level) to which Trump has driven them.

This is bunk, and at the risk of giving McFaul and his ilk sufficient time before the election to alter their plans, here are seven reasons why the Seven Pillars of Color Revolution will not — and cannot— achieve their goals in the United States of America. Each numbered item is one of McFaul’s “pillars.”

1. Semi-autocratic regime (not fully autocratic) – provides opportunity to call incumbent leader “fascist”

            FAIL: As much as these cheerleaders for a coup try to label President Trump a “fascist/Nazi/worse-than-Hitler” tyrant, the majority of Americans can see that he follows the Constitution and is actually reducing statist burdens (taxes, regulations) on Americans. We can also see the fascistic/Bolshevik/statist/communist rhetoric and actions of the Democrats’ KKK-inspired race-hate domestic-terror criminal organizations such as AntiFa and Black Lives Matter™. Americans know who are the real fascists using Brown Shirt tactics to instill a climate of fear. Democrat governors and mayors have used COVID-19 to enact the most draconian, unconstitutional restrictions on their populace while turning a blind eye to — or even participating in — BLM™ coordinated  unrest and disruption.

2. Appearance of unpopular president or incumbent leader

            FAIL: Again, using Big Lie techniques to label Trump as unpopular belies his visible, palpable popularity, as can easily be measured by the attendance at his rallies. The attempt by the leftist lapdog press to make flag-waving, peaceable assemblies of Pro-American patriots of all colors appear “threatening” or “white supremacist” is pathetic when laid side-by-side with images of CHAZ/CHAD alt.statism zones, Democrat-run cities as protected havens for homelessness, drug abuse, public defecation, arson, rape, and murder, and undisguised, literal threats to burn the nation to cinders if Biden does not get elected. Americans made Trump popular — he remains so, despite the propaganda from movie stars and academic weasels.

3. United and organized opposition – Antifa, BLM

            C+: Here the seditionists have had some success. As long as the money flows from wealthy collaborationists who made their money thanks to the freedom ensured by the Declaration and the Constitution, these organizations will use Chinese-communist tech (WhatsApp, TikTok) to communicate and maintain their cellular structure. The fact that sheep-like collectivists can take collective action (more readily than can harder-to-organize freedom-loving rugged individualists) appears to give them the upper hand. But remember that a bunch of rugged individualists repeatedly repelled the collective might of the British Empire, the Democrat’s own Confederacy of slaveholders, the socialist/imperialist/fascist Axis of Hitler, Hirohito, and Mussolini, and the murderous Union of Soviet Socialist slaughter machine.

4. Effective system to convince the public (well before the election) of voter fraud

            FAIL: The only voter fraud most Americans are convinced will occur is on the part of the Democrats. Democrats have opposed every effort to reduce voter fraud, such as Voter ID (in a country where ID is needed for everything, they still push the “poor little old Black woman who can’t afford a free state ID card” fiction), purging rolls of dead or departed voters, or banning the practice of ballot harvesting. Americans know who has been enabling “the graveyard vote” since the 1960s. Now Democrats intend to send ballots to everyone in the phone book and take weeks to “count them until we win” (as Edward G. Robinson said in Key Largo). What could be more obvious?

5. Compliant media to push voter-fraud narrative

            FAIL: I was going to give an A– to this, since the Democrat/Media/Academia/Elite/Deep State coup-mongers do have most media outlets in their pockets. However, with popular belief in the veracity of the press at an all-time low (even COVID-19 has more supporters than CNN), it is nearly impossible for the media to whip up broad popular belief that Trump and the Republicans are responsible for any voter fraud or voter suppression when we hear the Democrats promoting a violent military junta in a disputed election and threatening to burn down all our institutions (literally, not figuratively) if Biden loses. Do leftists truly expect Americans to believe that they want to "save the sacred institutions of our democracy from Trump" by destroying the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, turning the Senate into a second House of Representatives, and granting statehood to Washington, DC? C’mon, Man!

6. Political-opposition organization able to mobilize “thousands to millions in the streets”

            D–: Democrats and their socialist billionaire masters may have convinced themselves that they can mobilize millions in the streets based on the few hundred they shuttle from city to city to organize and incite riots with the aid of criminal gangs, but the vast majority of 330 million Americans believe in self-defense and defense of others, not violent mob aggression against the innocent. They (the Militia that the Framers wisely enshrined in the 2nd Amendment) possess roughly 393 million firearms in their homes (compared to 4.5 million for the US military). The soi disant Resistance creates new gun owners every time rioters loot a business and burn it to the ground, or a 20-something AntiFa hood beats an old woman on a crosswalk, or a white girl on video screams racist epithets at a black police officer because she earnestly believes that Black Lives Matter but Blue Lives don’t.

Homes and businesses are the high ground. The streets are wide open and indefensible. Riot organizers should confuse neither patience with weakness nor silence with fearfulness. Americans have heard the ominous threats and seen the violent actions of America’s enemies — foreign and domestic — and know who surrounds whom.

7. Division among military and police

            FAIL: Some-but-not-all of the upper echelon/management of the military and local police may be elitist, politically motivated creatures in Democrat strongholds such as the Left Coast states, New York, and the Pentagon, but nearly all the grunts take their oath to defend the Constitution and to protect and serve the citizens of the United States extremely seriously. The attempt to create a schism between the military and the police fails precisely because those who join such organizations were attracted to the high moral values of those services. This is not like some other countries, where people who join a corrupt military or police do so to use their power to plunder or oppress.

No amount of “All Cops Are Bad Cops” scrawled on the walls of burning police precincts will set the military troops against the police. No accusations that our military forces are “storm-troopers” or “jack-booted thugs” will convince police to fire upon the National Guard. After all, the seditionists in the Deep State have made it clear that they feel no obligation to obey their oaths or the legal orders of the President, so why on Earth should they expect the troops to follow their orders to buttress an anti-American revolution?

And in the microscopic chance that such a battle might occur, it will be simple for average Americans (see Militia, above) to identify the aggressor and outnumber them 87 to 1. 

The Collapse of the Seven Pillars

What socialists don’t understand — and have never understood — about what makes America exceptional is that we are a nation of free-thinking, sovereign individuals, no matter how much statism-loving Democrats and vapid RINOs may have eroded our individual rights over time. A handful of Americans may be corrupted by the politics of class- or race-envy promulgated by Marx/Lenin/Hitler/Stalin/Mao and their handmaidens in academia, the press, and the Deep State. Far more numerous, though, are ordinary Americans — even among our youngest — who understand the importance of the individual, of each individual’s right to self, to freedom, to private property, and to the equal liberty of others. That has kept America strong and the Constitution in effect for nearly two-and-a-half centuries. The desperate, violent thrashing of a dying collectivist mysosophy may seem frightening, but it will never be daunting to Americans. 

We’ve toppled these pillars before. And we can do it again.