Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10th Anniversary of... Nuthin'?

OK, I know I promised in 2005 to be more... consistent with postings on this blog and then I promptly slacked off. Not good for a writer. I get e-mails from fans asking "Where's the next Captain Anger?" "Will there ever be Book Two of The High Pilgrimage?" "Why is there no KoPubCo edition of Death's Dimensions?" and the ubiquitous "Didn't you used to be a writer?"

I've got tonnes of excuses, but to enumerate them would be whining. I've not produced a new novel since 1998 (Millennium: Weeds, which was only published in German and Japanese)(and Captain Anger: The Microbotic Menace was published in 1999, but written earlier). So I guess 2008 is my tenth anniversary of writer's block.

The good news is, I'm weaning myself off of self-pity and am outlining a new novel, as well as working on new publications for KoPubCo. Progress is slow because of... well, that would be whining, wouldn't it?

As time goes by, I'll probably reveal some of what's going on in my life, but I've never been one for the public confessional, so expect a lot of elliptical evasiveness.