Tuesday, November 04, 2008

RINOs Lose Big -- Conservatives Poised to Regain GOP

John McCain's people may try to blame their embarrassing loss on Sarah Palin, but her nomination is all that kept the GOP from losing every single electoral vote. The utter failure of McCain proves the futility of reaching across the aisle. Being a "low-tax liberal" didn't work Ed Crane and it didn't work for McCain. The RINOs are in full retreat and will no doubt now re-register as Democrats to be part of the winning team again.

Here's hoping that flint-hearted, uncompassionate conservatives regain control of the party and run someone who would rather win the war and win the presidency.

The good news is that now all talk of America being a racist country will and must cease. Barack Hussein Obama, President-elect, has put the lie to that century-old canard. We look forward to the disbanding of all race-focused organizations and all race-based quotas and criteria now that the final frontier has been conquered. Affirmative action has achieved the highest possible prize and is no longer needed -- America no longer sees color, and no longer needs to. Their considerable energies can now be focused on the most important goal for America -- a return to the Moon and the settlement of Mars and beyond (OK, that was my audacious hope talking).

Let's get behind our new President and keep him focused on America.

Remember -- if you voted, you can't complain!