Friday, October 20, 2006

The Triumph of Feminism

Well, here's I post I didn't realize was sitting around for months, so here it is a little belatedly, but just as timely...

Tammy Skinner, of Suffolk, Virginia, killed her own child by shooting herself in the abdomen as she went into labor. Just as with partial-birth abortion, a fully formed and indisputably viable baby died. This, despite the fact that she could have surrendered the child minutes after birth to a hospital or firehouse. She stood trial and was acquitted. I'm sure feminists would hail this as a victory for the constitutionally protected act of Woman's Choice. What a woman. What a choice.

As I portrayed in my novel Solomon's Knife, the pro-abortion/anti-abortion dichotomy can be resolved if we break down the act into a four-way choice:
  • keep the fetus in the woman (normal birth)
  • kill and expel the fetus (abortion)
  • expel the fetus without killing it (abandonment)
  • transfer the fetus from one woman to another (transoption)
I believe that a woman has the right to terminate her pregnancy, but not to kill the fetus, which is a genetically distinct human being from conception onward. Once you separate out terminating the pregnancy from terminating the fetus, you see that the abortion camps can be divided four ways:
  • People who would force a woman to continue her pregnancy to birth
  • People who demand the death of the fetus
  • People who would condone a pregnancy termination if it didn't kill the fetus
  • People who would accept letting the fetus live if they could freely terminate the pregnancy
It is obviously the last two groups that I think would embrace transoption (and I think constitute the majority of Americans) and the first two groups that I consider enslavers and murderers respectively.